A recent article or rather a series of articles in the LA Times:
http://www.latimes.com/news/local/teachers-investigation/ has highlighted the trend toward using statistical models to compare actual student growth to “projected” growth over the course of the year.

Data Charts

There is much to learn and absorb before being put off by the headlines and if you’re like me, you have so little time to give this topic the study it deserves.

This article is short. The links to previous articles and the public comments highlight some of the most provocative themes to begin to consider.

  • Should teachers’ work be evaluated based on value-added data models?
  • Should that data be public?
  • What are the best ways schools can use projected student growth data to differentiate  and modify instruction to increase student achievement?

The Q & A: Value -added links to a primer on the technique as seen through the eyes of advocates for use of the methodology to evaluate teachers’ performance.

Where is your state and district with regard to using value-added results?