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The Using Data curriculum is a series of facilitated workshops that take data teams through a process of learning how to work together and use their local data to uncover student learning problems and craft and monitor solutions. We also provide participating districts with our unique set of materials and resources developed to help make the activities outlined in the Data Coach’s Guide easier to implement.

The typical curriculum is a set of 6 worksessions most often delivered in 3 2-day workshops.


We put teachers at the center of the process so that real change can occur at the point of instruction. Through collaborative processes, teachers learn to “unpack” student and district data to inform instructional decisions and target resources.

Smart Strategy

We help you make better use of your student data. Using Data is an order and a process for approaching your student learning data that helps you uncover the root causes of student learning problems to resolve those problems in the most efficient and effective ways.

Classroom-Centered Continuous Improvement

Using Data guides schools though the process of integrating data into daily instructional practice so that continuous improvement is a reality, and student achievement is measurably improved.


Since subgroup learning problems are not restricted to a single classroom or grade level, it takes a team of educators to get to the root of student learning problems. The collaboration of the data team to identify problems is just the beginning. All teachers are involved in addressing and resolving student learning problems.


Using Data was developed though funding from the National Science Foundation. The program is based 10 years of practice and solid research, and our expertise extends from school improvement projects to best practices within learning communities.