You might enjoy listening to the Etta James classic hit At Last you read this blog entry. It’s the tune I’m hearing, having just re-read what I consider to be one of the most insightful counterpoints to the recent federal policy recommendations that outline compliance requirements in order for states to participate in the education stimulus Etta James Album Cover At Lastfund efforts. I’m referring specifically to requiring states to implement processes for evaluating teacher quality solely on the basis of student achievement results.

Coincidentally, the inspiring article I refer to is by another Etta—Etta Kralovec—in her piece “A More Complete Evaluation” (Educational Leadership, Dec. 2010)

To offer a little context…Etta K. is an associate professor of teacher education at the University of Arizona. In an effort to re-align her thinking about what it really takes to be an effective teacher and education leader, she arranged for a leave from her university in order to assume the principalship of a small high school. (Would that more education professors and pundits could temper their views with a similar hands-on eye-opener.) (more…)